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    The Formaldehyde & UFC Process

    The CAL Polymers, Inc. formaldehyde process utilizes a mixed oxide catalyst bed for oxidation of methanol to formaldehyde. The formaldehyde gas exiting the reactor preheats the diluted methanol vapor stream. This prepares the methanol stream for optimum reaction with the catalyst as well as cools the formaldehyde gas stream to stabilize the formaldehyde prior to absorption. Our triple fold aftercooler is designed to transfer the optimum amount of heat to the steam recovery system and lower the cooling requirements of the absorber. This new adaptation of the aftercooler system prevents the formation of unwanted paraformaldehyde in the equipment. After absorption, the recycled air stream exhausts a portion of the gas containing ppm trace amounts of formaldehyde from the top of the absorption tower to the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter converts 98+% of all pollutants in the exhaust stream into carbon dioxide and water prior to atmospheric release. The balance of the gas stream is recycled from the absorber and mixed with fresh air. This stream is now ready for the introduction of methanol, which will be preheated for oxidation by the catalyst and the cycle continues.

    The energy of oxidation, being transferred into steam has many uses throughout your plant. We are currently in the design phase of incorporating a steam turbine into the process in order to convert excess steam into usable power by the blower, thus reducing energy consumption. The CAL Polymers, Inc. entire operation is extremely efficient. The recirculation process combined with the catalytic converter also satisfies environmental issues, so necessary in today's businesses. If customers desire a more efficient plant we can recover additional heat, for the generation of steam, from the catalytic converter.

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